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        1. Zheda Panaco Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.


          About Us

          About Us

          Professors and Specialists in Zhejiang University, which is the biggest and the second or the third best University in China established Zheda Panaco Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. ( Zheda is the shortened form of Zhejiang University). The Chemical Engineering College in Zhejiang University is the most famous and the oldest one in China, established in 1897. Zhejiang University was established in 1987. One of the important reasons why most of the fine chemical factories in China are located at Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province around Zhejiang University is that our University supports technology service to them.

          Zheda Panaco Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. ( ZhedaChem ) as an innovative company specializing in the development and production of bulk pharmaceuticals, intermediates and other special chemicals for the fine chemical industry in the world. Highly qualified and trained personnel provide an incomparable service in the areas of:

          Custom Research and Development 
          Custom Manufacturing 
          Chemicals World Trading
          Chemicals Technology Trading

          As a State Issued High Technology Enterprise, ZhedaChem's Research Center is located at the National Science and Technology Park of Zhejiang University. The pilot plant and the factories are located in Central Zhejiang Province.